Katt Williams Pimp Slaps Target Employee, and Speeds Away In Shopping Cart

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Comedian Katt Williams is seriously spiraling out of control and has continued his attacks on random people. See video of him pimp slapping a Target Employee below.

Though it’s very sad to watch and somewhat comical; Katt Williams slapped a Target employee and then used a motorized shopping cart as his getaway vehicle!

Katt’s numerous breakdowns, which are often caught on video are getting out of control.

The latest incident happened after he sped away from police officers who were chasing his 3-wheeler last Sunday. He drove to a nearby Target where he apparently got into an argument with an employee. He later slapped the employee and the cops were called. Then, Katt was seen “driving” away from the register in one of Target’s own motorized shopping cart.

This scene would play out hilariously on-screen….but this is real life. Katt is seriously going to hurt himself or someone else unless he’s stopped. He’s our Lindsay Lohan.

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