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We have a bit of a hard time making heads or tails of Lil’ B’s existence.

We would like to think that the rapper from the group The Pack, who is famous (read: on the internet) for solo songs like “H**s On My D**k ‘Cause I Look Like Jesus” and “I Got B*****s” (the latter of which is sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”) is just goofing around.

But then we see video from a Lil’ B show where he kisses a fan’s hand after the fan offers his mom up as a sex slave for the rapper and we just have to stop for a moment and really go through all of the evidence available with a fine-toothed afro pick and decide whether or not he’s for real.

Another moment that made us take pause (in more ways than one, as you will see), is a recent tweet from Lil’ B directed towards Kanye West, who apparently Lil’ B has been trying to get to notice him on Twitter.

Note: We’ve taken it upon ourselves to sanitize this WTF-worthy tweet by inserting a picture of two cute kittens over some potentially offensive words.

Well we think Kanye may be taking note of Lil’ B now, and will be keeping his distance.

Seriously though, do you think Kanye would lock himself in a studio with someone who just threatened to rape him?

We think not.

Not surprisingly, people who saw the tweet all heard the sound of a needle being dragged across a record simultaneously and fired back with “no homo” and “pause” replies.

Lil’ B defended himself with this <sarcasm>very eloquent</sarcasm> follow-up tweet.

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