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Season 4 of The Game kicked off with a bang three weeks ago. Melanie and Derwin started off the first episode with baby-momma issues, lies and more drama in an hour than The Young And The Restless. Last week’s episode dialed down the dramatics and delivered an entertaining show(who knew you could do the two, BET). Last Night, Melanie was up to her usual nagging and served up her insecurity issues on a platter. Video model La’Shontae Heckered(Neyo’s leading lady in several music videos) made her debut on The Sunbeams; almost playing the role of herself. She and Melanie got into a heated argument after Melanie put together a community service venture to speak with young women about goals, life, etc. Too bad Melanie’s speech didn’t work because the ladies turned to La’Shontae to find out how they can make it in life as a video girl. Melanie may be an antagonist but she was all the way correct about misleading women into thinking being objects of rappers fascination is a way to get ahead in life.

Malik Wright and Tee Tee butt heads again after Tee Tee pays him back for the loan on his wing truck. Malik, in an arrogant rage throws the futile money over his new assistant sparking Tee Tee to leave without agreeing to be his personal doorman again. Malik’s hard exterior is obviously a front; his mission the entire episode was to have Tee Tee back in his life[PAUSE]. Things get out of hand when he is pulled over for drunk driving. He refused to take a breathalyzer test, shoved a cop and wines up getting tased and taken to jail. The Game ends off with his mug shot flashed across the screen.

While some fans argue that the episode was boring, I say it was perfect. BET has their way of “Tyler Perrying” things so it was nice to see a story told without it.

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