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The RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan had hit rapper Game with a cease and desist over a song with the looming threat of a lawsuit.

The conflict arose after The RZA produced a song, “Heartbreaker” for Game’s anticipated R.E.D. Album, but when the sample was unable to be cleared, it was used for the recently released “Purp & Patron” double mixtape. That apparently raised the ire of The RZA.

“I think RZA [is] tryin’ to sue about [‘Heartbreaker’] or somethin’,” Game told “That’s f**kin’ crazy. Like, I don’t even know how RZA sues The Game. He came to the studio and brought the [‘Heartbreaker’] track to me. He’s like, ‘Yo Game, this is for you. You can have that.’ Those are his words.” Game also maintains that RZA’s company on that day, Rev. Burke, was invited to rhyme on the record. “His boy spit crazy. I [rapped after] him.”

Game said that the cease and desist declaration confused him after they connected on the creation of the piece.

“So I threw it out [on a mixtape]. The next thing I know RZA is suing The Game. That shit’s crazy. I didn’t even know Wu-Tang sued ni**as.”

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