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Join the Radio-One family and the Bobby Tillman Family (BFAM) in a “Stop the Bullying” event, Saturday, March 5, 2011.

Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares someone and usually the victims have a difficult time of defending themselves. Bullying comes if many forms. The most obvious is physical bullying such as hitting, punching or any other hurtful act.

There are also emotional bullies who verbally abuse victims or spread rumors. They also hurt us by using psychological methods such as keeping certain victims from being accepted or using others to gang up on victims. Cyber-bullying is just as harmful. Bullies use cell phones or the internet using Facebook, or Twitter for example, to spread messages, rumors or threats about the victims.

As individuals and as a community we can stop bullying. Commit yourself against bullying by signing the Bobby Tillman Pact. It’s an agreement you make to do what you can to promote respect and find peace.

Join us for the “Stop the Bullying” Rally, Saturday, March 5 at 12 noon. At the BEST Academy, 1890 Donald Lee Holloway Pkwy., Atlanta, GA 30348.