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One of Atlanta’s most popular former high school basketball stars is taking his “game” from the basketball court to the courthouse.

Dwight Howard, a center for the Orlando Magic and graduate of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, has filed two lawsuits in Orange County, Fla. against Royce Lyndsay Reed, the mother of his son, according to news reports.

Documents obtained by WFTV in Orlando and posted on and show that Howard’s lawyers filed one lawsuit seeking $9.2 million in damages and the other to get custody of his 2-year-old son.

News of the lawsuit spread across the internet late last week. At the time, Howard denied any lawsuits existed. However, court documents obtained by WFTV show the lawsuit was filed Dec. 7.

The suit alleges that Reed, along with associates of hers, violated a previous agreement made between the two that disparaging comments made directly or indirectly against Howard not be made or published via the internet or any other communication mediums, according to court documents.

The comments are said to have been made on a website called “Lipstick Alley” titled “the ‘real’ Dwight Howard????.”

Some of the comments include:

  • “He hasn’t shown up for his scheduled visitation in…three months but loves his son?
  • “Royce is gorgeous, and a class act. The new girl is trash…”
  • “So apparently he hits ladies…what else?”
  • “Has another baby in Atlanta. Pays for ladys home, and keeps it in his cousins name.”

Court documents state that such remarks could have an adverse effect on Howard’s career and relationship with companies he has endorsement deals with.

Howard’s lawyers are asking for $500 per remark posted online multiplied by the 17,410 times they have been viewed, adding to the $9.2 million in damages, reports WFTV.

TMZ reports, Reed’s lawyer is “flabbergasted” by the lawsuit and claims to have nothing to do with the comments.

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