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The fun begins once your wedding date is chosen, and there are many creative ways you can incorporate flowers into your wedding. While we all have our own ideas of the colors, size and type of flower arrangements, be sure to add your own personal touch and be practical when making decisions. Here are 5 smart golden rules you should follow when you design flowers for your big day:

1. Less is more at the wedding ceremony. All of your family and friends have assembled together on your special day, so don’t distract them with too much going on.

2. Reposition the ceremony flowers and use them at the reception. This will save money and allow you to stay within your budget.

3. Make the biggest bang happen when your guests are sitting up close and personal to the centerpieces. But make sure not to block the view of the person that is sitting across from them.

4. Choose flowers that will last a long period of time, especially if they will be sitting in the sun.

5. Pick flowers that will make an impact, smell amazing and most importantly, make you happy!

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