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Ludacris announced on his Facebook page, “I’m going to change my oil and change the world! I’m switching to a GREEN high performance made-in-America motor oil, G-OIL.”

For those unfamiliar with G-OIL, it is an alternative to fossil fuel that is noted to be safer for the environment. The eco-friendly fuel is reportedly “made of a blend of nature’s American grown base oils and the first U.S. produced ultimate biodegradable bio-based motor oil to be approved by the American Petroleum Institute.”

Luda’s switch to green didn’t just come out of the blue. Green Earth Technologies will donate money and products to The Ludacris Foundation to reinforce among urban youth that every day can be Earth Day.  In exchange, the ATL Fast Five star will support the partnership via social media.

Read the full story at Hip Hop Wired.

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