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Between releasing a new EP which features the likes of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, touring over in Europe, and making the ladies bed’s rock; Lloyd is definitely making a big splash in the music industry. Lloyd not only is crooning the ladies, but he is also making club smashes like his latest single “Pusha” with rapper Lil Wayne.

First off, you recently released a new EP that can be downloaded for free. How has the feedback been so far and why did you choose to release it for free?

Accessibility for my fans. I chose to release it for free so that my fans could have easy access to it. Anybody can download it in any country around the world. The feedback has been good.

On the projects first single “Pusha” you worked with Lil Wayne. Can you tell us how this collaboration came about and what it was like working with him in the studio?

He’s a good friend and a great addition to any song, any genre. There’s something about his delivery that’s alien-like. I never know how he’s going to approach it. Its exciting to watch him work. We sent him the record and he knocked it out. It was as simple as that.

You have unfortunately had to deal with a lot of the negative politics that come from being in the music industry, however now you seem to be past that point. Can you tell us how the independent route you have taken has been going?

The best thing about being young is having time to try different things. I’m enjoying my newfound independence and it’s going great. We’re taking our time and plotting our next move.

Can we expect to see a video for the single Pusha? If so can you please give us some details on when the fans can expect to see that?

Yes, there will be a video for “Pusha.” We’re still deciding on the concepts for it, but we have some dope ideas. I’m hoping to shoot it in January.

Another popular song off your EP is “Take It Off” feat. J Holiday and Nicki Minaj. Can you tell us how you decided to work with Nicki Minaj and what that was like?

One day, my friends and I were debating on who’s the best female MC in the game. I said that I liked Nicki. Since leaving The Inc, I’d started to work on some new tracks at my studio in Atlanta with J.Holiday and a few friends. Upon completing “Take It Off”, we both agreed on her. I spoke with her on the phone while I was touring in Europe. She agreed to do it and she killed it.

Lately you have been doing a lot of work with Young Money, including collaborating on their hit single “Bedrock”. What was it like doing a music video for the track in Miami with Wayne and the crew? How did it feel to replace Omarion on the track, since your hook was a lot better?

Working with them was great. Nice weather, loud music, and pretty girls in pajamas. Drake’s funnier than I thought, haha. My homie Jay Rock was out there. Tyga running around with Bengals pants on. Somebody got pushed in the pool. Overall good time. Omarion’s got a version?? What’s it sound like?? Better than Bedrock?? No way. Haha.

Many people have speculated that you are going to join Lil Wayne’s label Young Money. Can you confirm this to us? Have you been in talks or have they offered you a deal?

A lot of people think I’m already signed over there, but the truth is that I’m still a free agent and I haven’t signed with Young Money/Cash Money. I don’t want to get into specifics, but I have been talking to them and to some other labels. It’s an important decision and we’re not gonna rush it.

You have now had multiple hit records with Lil Wayne. Is there any upcoming projects you and him are working on that you can speak about to the fans?

We’re both working, but not on anything specifically together. He has The Rebirth and The Carter 4, and I’m working on my new album and a couple mixtapes. There were rumors about us doing a project together a few years back, but that was just wishful thinking by the fans.

Now that you have released your EP, what do you have in store next? Will you be joining Cash Money and Young Money on the new tour? What else will you be doing, and when can fans expect a full album?

I may pop up on a few dates, but I’m not officially on the tour. I’m staying busy on the road promoting “Pusha” around the world. I’m gonna keep working on my next studio album, tentatively titled “Love Never Dies.” I plan on releasing it in 2010 after we secure a new deal. Stay tuned to for more details.