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The newest episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” debuted last night and just in case you missed it, I’ve gathered a few highlights of the most drama-filled moments.

First up, Tami and Jennifer meet up at Jen’s new apartment and  catch up on recent events, and how they think Evelyn should go about the “Non-muthaf*cking Factor” t-shirt issue that she is trying to cash in on. Meanwhile, Meeka continues to contradict herself; one moment she’s saying how “real” she is and smiling in Royce’s face and the next instant dragging her through the dirt because of her past history in the NBA. Evelyn and Suzie are back friends again and Royce is skeptical of them reviving their old friendship,while Suzie plays both sides of the fence. Also, although Jennifer and Eric Williams are separated, they are STILL legally married. Evelyn attempts to get Jennifer to consider online dating, while Evelyn continues to overuse the hell out of her “Non-Muthaf*cking Factor” phrase. The final highlight was when Tami and Royce sat Meeka down and called her out on her contradictions and Tami checks her about her hand gestures in her face.

Check out the full “Basketball Wives” episode below:

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