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From rappers to politicians, the trend seems to be popping up everywhere, men taking bottomless self-portraits of themselves and sharing them with women that they’ve befriended via social media, but never actually met in the flesh.

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After a lewd photo was sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, this “Weiner-gate” saga has exposed a truly touchy activity that many people are engaging in on a day to day basis. The new term for sexual exchange of messages is ‘sexting’ (sexually oriented, flirty texts and photos via text or social networks ) and since the age of social networking sites, men have been taking pics of their tools and from what I’ve hear, they’ve been getting the results. But in the age of technology, why does anyone feel safe sending these types of photos out to people who are virtually strangers? Experts suggest that lots of men are seeking a ‘rush’ of some sort, and even the risk of getting caught may be apart of the thrill.

Yesterday, I witnessed Weiner in one of the most embarrassing, teary eyed public apologies I have ever had to endure. He literally apologized and admitted to he had previously lied about accusations that he intended to DM (direct message on twitter) a crotch shot to an 21 year old African-American journalism student, but accidentally posted it for all 69,000 of his followers to view.

Many celebrities & pro-athletes such as Tiger Woods Chris Brown, Kanye West and Brett Favre have been caught up in ‘sexting’ scandals in which their nude or semi nude photos & dirty texts have been leaked to the public. We’ve all gotten a glimpse of their goodies when the photos hit the blogs, but are mens’ ego’s so big they feel the need to expose themselves? Why are dudes compelled to take cell phone pics of their private parts then share those images — via texts or tweets — with the ladies?

According to Marta Meana, president of the Social for Sex Therapy and Research, “these men think the photos will serve to arouse the woman – because they, themselves, would find it arousing if that woman sent such a photo to them.”

Here’s the hard truth, guys: Most women are not turned on by video or digital glimpses of your junk, Meana said. What do you think?

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