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We want options in life. So why always keep your dating life constrained? While I am all for having one healthy relationship, that’s not always written in everyone’s cards. So rather than going overboard and finding yourself in a spiderweb of relationships, keep a few things in mind to date freely but effectively.

1. Stay away from dating people who are friends. Dating multiple people at once can get tricky, especially with the “6 degrees of separation” thing – everyone knows each other nowadays! You wouldn’t want to get caught and ruin their friendship at the same time!

2. Don’t get screwed over by technology. As much as computers and cell phones help us, they can also ruin a potentially good thing. So, use last names in your cell phone! The worst would be to accidentally text the wrong Mike that you had a great time last night. Or to schedule a date with Mike and realize that it is the wrong Mike as he’s walking toward you at the movies.

More along the lines of technology, be aware of the power of social media. I’m sure John would NOT be happy to see you checking into romantic dates with Sam. Social networking websites are meant to put you out there and connect you to other people, so be careful about the information that you’re giving away!

3. Make sure that you still have girl’s nights out. I find this to be the most important part of dating multiple people. Don’t let casual dating interfere with your friendships. When it comes down to it, your gals are your main people. You might be racking up on awful first date stories, but you don’t want to miss out on friendship memories. Along the same lines, make sure you reserve some time in your busy schedule for “me” time. You’ll probably do a lot of eating out if you’re dating so much, so give yourself time to go to the gym and catch up on the latest episodes of Sex and the City.

So what do you say? Go a little crazy this summer and date a few extra people. Just be smart about it and don’t let yourself be the one alone at the end. As much fun as it is to get pampered by three different guys, keep an eye out for the real thing. When you feel that spark, don’t throw it away just to keep dating other people.

Do you have any other tips for dating multiple people? How about horror stories from racking up too many men at once?

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