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Let’s face it- It’s easier to control your weight when you’re single and only planning meals for one. You eat on your own schedule and you’d rather stay in and throw together a salad than go to that new steak house down the street ALONE. While dating has its perks, it also has its pounds. I’ve noticed that when I’m dating someone, my sleeping and eating schedules totally change: I blame the few extra pounds on boyfriends.

Usually when I wake up, I look forward to a great shuffle playlist on my iPod during a half hour of yoga and to catching up on the latest “Housewives” episode on the elliptical. But when I wake up to the comfiest cuddles ever, my morning priorities change. I’d rather stay in bed as late as possible even when I know I’ll end up needing to sprint to the subway and suffer the consequential blisters later. So I’m going to point my finger at boyfriends when it comes to giving you better things to do than tone your almost-abs in the morning.

I’ll admit it – even when I’m single, I indulge in some loving time with Ben and Jerry’s (of course they have to be MEN). Ehhh, I’m also a huge supporter and avid consumer of dollar beers on Wednesdays. So maybe it’s not totally his fault, but the bottom line is, he will always find a reason for me to skip my boot camp class and get those delicious cupcakes from the bakery instead.

Okay, okay, just because he’s ordering a double cheeseburger with curly fries and a large soda doesn’t mean that I need to copy and challenge him to an eating contest. But let’s be real – my garden salad with grilled chicken is not nearly as appetizing when it’s served next to his mouth-watering (and calorie-packed) meal. Of course I’ll end up stealing some fries and then order the biggest brownie dessert that they have to make up for my rabbit food meal. Somehow, his ravenous meal doesn’t weigh him down the next morning even though I’ll be on the phone with my trainer begging to reschedule for an earlier appointment.

So maybe he isn’t physically shoving the extra calories down my throat. The point is, dating makes it really easy to turn your once healthy schedule into a “dude schedule” that involves pizza, the couch, the most comfortable shoulder pillow ever, and an episode of “Top Gear.” So even when the bro meals sound tempting, stay true to your body and your habits: eat dinner before the movies and avoid the oh-so-tempting buttery popcorn and candy, and when he’s doing his own thing. use that time to tone up your soon-to-be six-pack!

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