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Estelle hit the stage yesterday at the fifth anniversary of the Global Fusion Festival in Philadelphia. This is the largest one-day ethnic festival held at Penn Landing in Philadelphia and is produced by the Multicultural Affairs Congress and features drink specials, give-aways, ethnic foods and many more.Among the performers of this year’s festival were Anthony David, Melanie Fiona, Maino, Meek Millz and many more.

Estelle heated up the stage performing her hit singles, “No Substitute” and “American Boy”.  After her performance, Estelle held a press conference where I got the opportunity to catch up with her and talk about her upcoming album, her personal style, her summer beauty tips and some of her biggest musical inspirations! Check out my interview with Estelle below:

Describe your upcoming album. What can we expect to hear from your new album?

“Every single song came from a personal experience. This is the most growth filled album I’ve ever written in my life. It’s my third album and I’m so proud of it. It’s my sweetheart, my baby! It comes out later this year. Common and Janelle Monae are both on the album, and myself of course! I wanted to work with people who I knew loved me!”

What are some of your summer beauty must haves?

“A really good lipstick- I love bright lip-stick. You could do no eyes and have a really good lip stick and it makes you look like your doing everything! Baby wipes- they freshen you up and makes you feel good! A good head scarf- you know our hair, we love to wear it out but our hair will get messy in a second! A good fan: we’re bringing ‘lady like’ back. And of course water!”

Have you ever thought about creating a product line?

“I definitely want to create a product line, I have xema so I bounce around with different types of creams. I’ve actually started developing a cream that takes care of your skin in the summer and the winter because its so hard to find a cream that doesn’t make you ashy like two seconds later! especially with xema”

Can you define your personal style?

“My personal style is comfortable- it may look crazy at times but it’s comfortable! I hate being in front of the camera when I’m thinking ‘I can’t turn because something might pop out’ or ‘something is going to be showing that isn’t right’.  I just like to dress for comfort and classiness. I think it’s important when everybody else is doing everything naked to be somebody who has their clothes on!”

How was your transition from the UK to the US, emotionally? How did you manage it?

“Well I just picked up and came! It was based on the fact that I had a record deal and I needed to be in front of the label. Family wise- my family knows that I’m the one that is going to get up and do something when everyone else is thinking five aways about it. I miss them. I miss the birthdays and the births, but they’re on BBM, Twitter, Facebook, iChat and Skype so they don’t miss me!” She says laughing.

Who has been an inspiration to you musically?

Ella Fitzgerald and Mary J Blidge, I love them both! Mary because she was my singing teacher! Whenever I got in trouble and just didn’t want to talk to anyone I would just put on Mary! Ella Fitzgerald because I got into this when I was 13 years old and think that her voice is the most heavenly voice on the planet! If i could sing like her one day, I might stop singing! She’s just beautiful!”

Check out some of Estelle’s performances below!

“American Boy”

“No Substitute”

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