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Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles is more than a co-host on Steve Harvey’s morning radio show. He is an actor, writer and producer. Nephew Tommy’s biggest claim to fame is his hilarious stand-up routine. One of his more timeless bits centers around the Nephew Tommy “a** whooping factory.” Tommy spoke to The Urban Daily to let us know who needs their a** whooped not now, but right now. Nephew Tommy is running a contest giveaway through his Twitter (@NephewTommy). Let him know who you think needs to take a trip to his “a** whooping factor”y to enter a chance to win.

1. Cindy Anthony

“What’s the name of the little baby that just died? Casey Anthony’s daughter. The grandmother needs her ass whooped. She knew what was going on.  Cindy Anthony got on the internet trying to find some damn Chloroform. What the hell was she looking for Chloroform for? Then they got away with it.”

2. OJ Simpson

“OJ needs his ass whooped all the time! See, what you can’t do is kill two white people in a driveway, get away with it, and turn around and write a book about how your ass would’ve done it. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. He ain’t never been black no how!”

3. George Bush

“George Bush needs his ass whooped right now! I don’t care if it’s 2090, George Bush needs one because of everything he put America through. He done sat back and acted like he didn’t do any of that mess. He and his daddy got us in this in the first place. We know ya’ll were in cahoots with the oil people across seas. Don’t ever think bush didn’t sit down and have dinner with Osama! They are friends and Bush has been to his cave.”

4. Republican Party

“The entire Republican Party needs a whopping because they know what’s right and what needs to be done in this country. But it’s a black man who’s trying to make it right. That is the main reason Republicans are going against it. None of the Republicans want to step out on their own and say, “Hey, this is wrong. We should be doing it like this. Obama is absolutely right.” They can’t step out like that because if they do, they are on their own. When you step out on your own in politics, you sink and fall. Those who oppose Obama’s ideas because he’s black need one and those who won’t step up and tell the others they’re wrong need to get one too!”

5. Eddie Long

“I ain’t even got to tell you Eddie Long needs his ass whooped! He needs to be whooped on three, four, five different occasions. First off, those muscle shirts. There ain’t a preacher yet I’ve seen in the pulpit preaching in a muscle shirt. Then, he has his wig cocked to the side. That’s another sign he needs his ass whooped. All of these boys came forward and accused him of doing nasty things to them and we decided we weren’t going to be judgmental. Eddie Long settled out of court for 20 something million dollars. Negro, what?! 20 something million sounds like the damn truth to me!”

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