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I am GWoods, Social Media Manager for Hot 107.9’s Facebook & Twitter accounts. I had a chance to speak with the guys behind ‘GA Followers“.  GA Followers was created by two young men (@jjelksboss & @youngpop) to give twitter users from Georgia a chance to connect, network, and I am sure a few hook ups.

If you are active on twitter you aware of the #GaTrain.  The #GATrain is a tool created to handle the amount of people asking for a shout out at once.  It’s also just a fun/interactive way for people to spend their time on Twitter.

I asked what’s the craziest thing people have done to get a shot-out on twitter, “People have offered to buy our shirts, dates, money, gifts, etc. There hasn’t been to much crazy stuff though. What is crazy is what the people say when they don’t get on. ”

I have to say the #GaTrain does work, I have gotten a few followers! Make sure you follow me @IAmGWoods!

If you know of any other social media movement be sure send me a tweet! @IAmGWoods. For all those that ask, I am the one that tweets for Hot 107.9. I am human! lol!