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So word is Fabolous knocked Ray J the f**k out at the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight in Vegas this past weekend. This is just one of many celebrity fights to have occurred in the past few years. Is it me or aren’t these fights always the most random match ups we never expect? Sometimes celebrities have beef over real issues and other times it’s just the dumbest things ever. However, everyone loves a fight that involves famous celebrities.  TUD has decided to compile a list of the top 10 celebrity fights that have played out in the public and on the blogs. Check out the list below!

10. Usher Vs. Bobby Brown- Now this was not a real fight but the blogs were buzzing about Usher and Bobby Brown getting into an altercation. As the story goes, Bobby Brown attended Usher’s birthday party where he greeted Usher, who was so happy to see him and put Bobby in a headlock. Bobby tried to tell Usher he could not breathe but Usher couldn’t hear him over the loud music. Bobby then picked Usher up holding him over the DJ booth when Usher’s security came to his rescue. We would love to see two of the R&B greats go at for the “King of R&B” title but that was not the case.

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9. Foxy Brown Vs. Jacki-O– Foxy is considered the most controversial female rapper of all time. So no one is surprised when she gets into cat  fights. Back in 2005, Foxy Brown and Jacki-O got into a fight down in Miami. Rumor is Jacki-O and rapper Gravy were in the studio recording when Foxy Brown showed up along with her nasty attitude. Jacki-O, who wishes she could have a rap career like Foxy once had, was not feeling how shady Foxy was being and put feet on her. Check out the video where Jacki-O speaks on the altercation and Foxy’s response saying it never happened and Jacki-O was just fishing for free press. Jacki-O later released a diss record aimed at Foxy titled “TKO.” This feud may never end.

8. Joe Budden Vs. Raekwon- We all know Joe Budden loves having drama played out on cameras. He somehow believes it will help his brand and he will one day go platinum.  The beef started with Joe Budden talking trash about being better than Method Man. Now you already know the Wu is going to hold it down. At Rock The Bells 09, someone in The Wu-Tang’s camp swung on Joe. Of course, Joe Budden would make a video holding a ice pack to his face. Check the video out HERE.

7. Maino Vs. Yung Berg- These two MCs were on tour together at the time and Maino was even featured on Yung Berg’s “The Business” remix. Yung Berg approached Maino at a club in Atlanta. “I heard you was talking reckless about me” is what Yung Berg said to Maino. Being from the streets of Brooklyn, Maino slapped him. Check out the audio where Maino speaks on what happened.

6. Ne-Yo Vs. Jim Jones- This is a rare match-up that we never saw coming. The fight took place at the Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue in New York City. Word is one of Jim Jones’ goons made a disrespectful comment about Jay-Z to Ty Ty, who is Jay’s best friend, and when Ty Ty responded things got crazy. A source told MTO that someone had a Prada shoe on Ne-Yo’s neck. Sounds like a serious brawl doesn’t it? No one suffered any major injuries. Charges against Jim Jones were pressed and he later appeared in court and was issued a Desk Appearance Ticket. Jim Jones says he was lucky not to have received any time behind bars.

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5. Ray J Vs. Fabolous- Ray J and Fabolous scrapping down after the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight is just hilarious. Now the fight is rumored to be instigated by 50 Cent. We all know how 50 can get the beef popping off. The altercation started off as just jokes but things got real after 50 instigated. This resulted in Fabolous hitting Ray J with a two piece and a biscuit leaving him unconscious. Word is Ray J’s jewelry was stolen in the process. Read about the full story HERE.

4. Junior Mafia Vs. Dipset- Just may be one of those classic hip hop beefs. Brooklyn Vs. Harlem if you really want to take it there. The brawl took place about 10 years ago at Rucker Park in Harlem, NY.  We still don’t know exactly  how this fight got started but according to JM, Cam’ron fled the scene when things got real. Check out the video where Lil’ Cease and Junior Mafia speak on the brawl.   

3. Jay-Z Vs. R. Kelly– When the best of both worlds went terribly wrong. There were rumors of Jay-Z and R-Kelly having some disagreements while touring for their second joint album Unfinished Business. I would assume the rumors were true when R. Kelly was sprayed in the face with pepper spray by Jay-Z’s best friend Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith. This occurred when R. Kelly had stopped the concert and exited the stage, claiming he saw two men with guns in the audience.  This caused Jay-Z to put an end to the tour. R. Kelly wanted to go on, but Jay had enough of R. Kelly’s wild antics and continued on without him with the help of artist like Kanye West, Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott and more, calling the show Jay-Z and Friends.  R. Kelly later hit Jay with a $75 million breach of contract lawsuit.

2. Jay-Z Vs. Lance “Un” Rivera- Now we still don’t know the truth about this fight as Nas pointed out in his “Ether” diss. The incident dates back to December 1999 when Jay was gearing up to release “Life & Times Of S. Cater” Vol. 3. Word had got back to Jay-Z that Un was responsible for his album being leaked before the release date. Jay-Z and his entourage ran into Un at The Kit Kat Club on west 43rd street in New York City. Rumor has it during the altercation Jay-Z stabbed Lance. Later, Rivera drafted a civil suit against Jay-Z  but never filed it after the two settled out of court for about $500,000 to $1 million.

1. Diddy Vs. Steve Stoute- Nas’s “Hate Me Now” video displayed Diddy and Nas being nailed to a cross like Jesus. Diddy later did not want the world to see him like that because of his religion. Steve Stoute who was Nas’a manager at the time promised Diddy that he would have him taken out of that part of the video. The video premiered with both Nas and Diddy being nailed to a cross. This resulted in Diddy and his bodyguards breaking into Steve Stoute’s office and hit him over the head with a champagne bottle. Now what I wanna know is, did Diddy bring the champagne bottle with him or did he hit Steve Stoute in the head with his own Champagne bottle?

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