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Last week the internet was abuzz with a new Chris Brown gay rumor. If you were under a rock and missed it,the story is that Chris’ assistant was fired and after released some direct messages between Chris and another man whom Chris allegedly had a sexual encounter with.

The virtually unknown R&B singer Martyn, reportedly tweeted comments that intimated he had sex with the “She Ain’t You” singer; however, Martyn denied that he had anything to do with it:

“I’ve decided to stay quiet about this…I refuse to be part of this,” he wrote. However, those messages weren’t posted until after comments that seemed to confirm the rumors.

“I’ll confirm it. It’s all over the web. And twitter,” he posted.

As expected Chris, denied the rumors:

“Cmon son .. Now I got a n_gga out here lying for 2 minutes of Fame. (that’s a pause moment my G) I’

Martyn  sat down with our sister site at the Power Morning Crew and opens up about what really went down.

Listen to the exclusive interview and tell us what you think:

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