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Lil Mama is without a doubt the Mary J. Blige of her generation. She has unparalleled talent and beauty that runs more than skin deep. When I invited her on a cool fall day last week to hang with me in Harlem the starlet didn’t hesitate.

Lil Mama was open about everything; from where she is now musically to her excitement around her gig as a judge on “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew.” Smart, funny and humble, the rapper and TV personality even opened up about her evolved position on her 2009 MTV VMAs snafu with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys during “Empire State of Mind.”

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Lil Mama’s newest project is called “Hustler Girl.” The song is a tribute to all women. The native New Yorker has come a long way from the fun, poppy sounds of “Lip Gloss” and is still evolving. During our adventure at the Afrocentric Bebenoir Boutique Lil Mama was even game for a little fashion makeover fun.

The Voice of the Young People continues to pour her heart and pain into her music. Listen to Hustler Girl on this link and check out our exclusive Lil Mama interview here for “Abiola’s Kiss and Tell TV.” Oh -and I thought that she was evading my relationship question but it turns out that Lil Mama is just madly in love with herself– a lesson for us all to keep relearning.


Hit Lil Mama up in the comments and tell her what you think. Buy “Hustler Girl” right now on iTunes.

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