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The reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop” is becoming a favorite for women who watch VH1. The show that takes a behind-the-scenes look at women who do business in hip-hop, and love men in hip-hop is currently in its second season. And Yandy Smith, one of show’s creators,decided to join the cast and open up her life to the world.

Yandy has managed the careers of some hip-hop most notables Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Jim Jones, along with partner Mona Scott Young. Our sister site recently caught up with Yandy to talk to her about her come-up, the show, being a female mogul, her relationship with clients, love, and hip-hop.

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With all of the things you do, do you have time for love yourself?

I probably don’t have as much time as most people. I try to make time for a personal life. I think it’s important to have that balance. I think for years I didn’t know how, because I was just going. Now I’m getting older, [and] I see what’s important in life. I’m starting to see family and a relationship is important. I never really cared much before.

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Three things for you look for in love?

A man to be supportive–a man to be understanding especially of my life and career. I work with a lot of men, probably some girls’ dream, and that can intimidate a lot of men. Loyalty to the fault and someone that will rock with me right, wrong and indifferent.

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