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You’re between the ages of 18-24, life feels like its moving 100 miles a minute and you may feel like you have no place in the political system. But you do. As a matter of fact, the people you elect to public offices can have a HUGE impact on your life. Here are some things every young American should consider when voting

  1. Does the person I’m voting for have a plan? Most members of Congress and candidates talk a lot about the need to reduce our deficit and control the national debt, but few have a realistic plan.  Before you head to the voting booth find out which candidates have a plan and see if it makes since.  Are they telling you that we can balance the budget by just cutting spending or raising taxes?  If so they probably don’t have a realistic plan or a clear understanding of the problem.
  2. Does my candidate have a plan to create jobs for the future? We all know that jobs are the number one issue with voters this year, but as young Americans you need to think of more than just jobs in the near term.  The world we will face is much different than that of our parents.  It will be one of increased competition and decreasing resources.  Does your candidate have a plan not only to create jobs but the high skilled ones we will need to be competitive with the rest of the world?
  3. What are they going to do about education?

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