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 This has to be another sign of the time now most people don’t get to sue the robbers who stole their drug stash. But we guess there’s a first time for everything! A man in California is planning to file a lawsuit against the men convicted of robbing him of six pounds of pot. Michael Steffens, 51, is seeking $18,000 in restitution, and the court is actually on his side! Steffens says he smokes marijuana for back pain. He wants the robbers to pay a high price for his loss!Meanwhile, the courts won’t be having any sympathy for this guy. Devante Saxton, 19, stupidly tried to make it past juvenile detention center security with five bags of weed on his person! Before going through the Illinois facility’s metal detector, this idiot emptied his pockets and placed his drugs in a bin to be scanned. He was arrested and charged with pot possession – obviously.

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