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Daaaaaang! Who made Nicki Minaj mad?

The Queen of Hip-Pop had a dramatic episode last night on twitter which resulted in her deleting her twitter account along with the 11 million + fans that follow her. Word is, the beef started when one of her fan sites posted audio from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded ahead of its official release date.

Nicki should be proud considering that her sophomore album sold 253K units in its first week (landing ‘Roman Reloaded’ at #1). However, there’s chatter that Nicki (and some in her camp) expected the album to do more. Although Nicki’s first album, Pink Friday didn’t debut at #1, it sold 100K more in its first week than Roman Reloaded.

According to Twitter guideline, Nicki has 30 days to reactivate her account and make things like they were. So, she may have already revived her twitter account by the time you finish reading this. We’ll see…