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He’s the most powerful man in the free world. She’s a political dynamo, a savvy mover and shaker in Washington D.C.  Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant are a match made in television heaven, but damn if the pesky matter of him being married isn’t in the way.

In this year’s smash hit “Scandal”, viewers tune in to get their weekly fix of “Liv and Fitz”–a star-crossed couple who just can’t get to their happily ever after.  Thanks to sharp and intuitive writing by series creator Shonda Rhimes, and the combustile chemistry of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn,  you root for these two, tortured by a love that dare not be.

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The Urban Daily has rounded up eight of the sexiest scenes between TV’s hottest couple!

“Look at me…Look at me.”

Liv confronts Fitz, after presidential aide Amanda Tanner’s suicide attempt.  Hurt and betrayed, Liv wants answers but Fitz throws her off track:

“I think that love allows for forgiveness”

Fitz is batting zero on Team Olivia after finding out about his affair with Amanda Tanner. Nonetheless, Liv decides to  help out her former flame when the reputation of his Supreme Court nominee comes into question.  Fitz attempts to do his own damage control with Liv:

“I am not spending anymore time away from you”

Battle lines are drawn between Fitz and Liv, thanks to Cyrus, (the President’s chief-of-staff) who is still hot under the collar after finding about his boss’ secret affair.  The plot thickens when The First Lady (who  has her own hidden agenda) invites Liv to the White House for a black-tie event:

“Fire her!”

In a series of flashbacks, viewers are witness to the genesis of the “Fitz and Liv” phenomenon.  Called in to revamp his flailing  presidential campaign, Liv gives it straight to  Fitz as to why he isn’t winning in the polls, “Your marriage. It looks like you don’t screw your wife.”  Visibly shaken, Fitz demands that Cyrus fire Olivia, but not for the reason you think:

“Just stand here with me for one minute”

Thanks to Liv’s media savvy, she’s jump-started Fitz’s once lagging campaign now that Mellie agrees to play nice as the the supportive, political wife.  But Fitz can’t deny his growing feelings for the new woman in his life:

“What kind of coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?”

Disappointed by his wife’s underhanded ploy to get the people’s vote, Fitz is hit with the realization that his true soulmate has arrived 20 years too late:

“Just go to your room and close the door and we’ll pretend this never happened”

After sharing an intimate moment on the bus ride back to their hotel, Fitz decides to lay it on the line and  makes the move on his new lady love (with a nifty Jedi mind trick). Liv and Fitz’s  love scene was borderline scandalous–when Fitz whispered to Liv “take off your clothes,” female viewers around the country hailed the Commander-in-Chief’s sexual swag:

“Good-bye, Mr. President”

After a long night of memories (and a shocking revelation), Liv and Fitz once again found themselves at fate’s crossroads.  Not ready to leave the love of his life, Fitz asks Liv for  just”one minute”:


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