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President Barack Obama has been hailed as the “Pop Culture President” because he had the help of celebrities to get people out to the polls. He retains that moniker this election because hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and The Roots leader Questlove are involved in a friendly battle to see who can raise the most money for the Obama campaign.

As the battle stands, Questlove’s efforts are putting a hurtin’ on Russell Simmons’ fundraising. Questlove is about 8o% toward reaching his goal. As Questlove has been a fundraising beast, Russell Simmons has been a little lackluster. He is only 19% closer to his goal since the beginning of the challenge.

We’re not sure if there is to be a prize or punishment for the respective winner and loser, but we certainly want you guys to support the movement. You can donate to either Questlove or Russell Simmons’ fundraising campaigns by checking out Barack Obama’s donation page.


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