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Ex-L.A. Laker  point guard  Smush Parker is putting his former teammate Kobe Bryant on blast for being a diva on and off the court. Parker’s comments were brought on by a statement Kobe made directly blaming Parker for costing the Lakers the ’05-’06 championship.

Smush Parker played with the Black Mamba for one season and the pair didn’t ever get along. Parker says the main reason Bryant is talking smack about him now is because he had enough gumption to tell the Laker star he was overrated. Parker also alleges Kobe refused to speak to his teammates and had the audacity to tell Parker he was unworthy of Kobe’s conversation. “[Kobe] told me out of his own mouth that I couldn’t talk to him. That my accolades under my belt weren’t deserving enough for me to talk to him.”

Smush Parker says he came forward with his story after Kobe made disparaging  remarks about Parker and the rest of the 2005-2006 Lakers. Kobe said he was the only player on that team who put in work on the court because everyone else had no real talent. Kobe stated, “I tell Steve [Nash], you won MVP, but I was playing with Smush Parker. He shouldn’t have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. So we let him walk on.”

Smush Parker concluded his response to Kobe Bryant’s comments by paraphrasing Jay-Z. He closed with, “People lie, numbers don’t.”

Who’s right, sports fans? Was the 2005-2006 season Los Angeles Lakers weak except for Kobe Bryant or is Kobe Bryant that big of a diva and ball hog?



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