Kasim Reed is three things… powerful, single and the Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia.Those three things, while great, also make the 43 year old politician one of Atlanta’s most wanted. and his love life is often the topic of hearsay around town. Compliments of Tattle Tailz, we’ve learned that well-known Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed, may be prepping for a legal battle with a gossip forum. The site is called Lipstick Alley and it’s a popular online forum that covers a number of topics, celebrity gossip being one of them. So what’s Mayor Reed’s issue with Lipstick Alley? The Mayor’s attorney sent a letter to the site demanding that they remove anonymous posts on their message board. What did said message(s) infer? The comments have since been taken down, but they claimed that he had relationships with multiple women, some of which are members of his staff.

What do you think about the mayor going after the site? Good or Bad? Or Wasted Energy?

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