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Nene Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought in the New Year with a romantic beach date with her fake ex-husband Gregg.

The cute couple may have fooled the rest of the world with their shenanigans, but The Leakes’ savvy business move did not go unnoticed by anyone around Atlanta.

Their “divorce” and subsequent “reconciliation” [insert side-eye] has been a constant storyline on the popular storyline on the show.

Nene recently revealed that she and Gregg brought in the New Year with rose petals and champagne and tweeted about it every step of the way…

Now everybody knows that “real” relationships don’t have to be broadcast all over twitter and facebook.

In fact, it’s been my assessment that when people go above & beyond with the online antics they’re actually a bit insecure about the relationship… but I could be wrong.

In this situation however, I’m going to give Nene & Gregg the benefit of the doubt and assume that instead of living in the moment, Nene took out her cell phone, took the photos and tweeted them out prior to her New Year’s midnight rendezvous with Gregg, to drum up interest in their “wedding” storyline, which I’m almost positive is coming soon.


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