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Former hip hop groupie Kat Stacks is a free woman after she was released from a Louisiana immigration facility on Wednesday. The Venezuelan native born Andrea Herrera had been in custody since 2010.

As we previously reported, Immigration Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. told Kat Stacks last year that she would have to leave the United States, although that deportation order was later put on hold after Kat appealed.  On Wednesday, Judge Beatmann Sr. signed the order for the 23-year-old’s release from an immigration facility following her appeal.

At the time Kat Stacks was ordered deported, the appeals board stated in their decision that the “Kat Stacks persona is disturbing and in no way a positive contribution to society.” However, her family and lawyer said she was a victim of sex trafficking and created the Stacks persona to survive. Kat Stacks broke the news with us that she had been a teenage prostitute when she appeared on the Durtty Boyz show.

The board agreed and found that “other compelling factors, particularly her long history of abuse, outweigh the negative factors.”

“And they have determined that as a matter of discretion, Andrea deserves a second chance,” added Stacks’ attorney, Mayra Jolie.

Kat Stacks tweeted her excitement below:

Check out coverage of her release from NBC South Florida below:


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