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We can talk about this now because the Inauguration is over, and we didn’t want to be a downer on our President’s moment in history. By now, I’m sure you have all heard about how Lupe Fiasco was booted off stage after his anti-Obama talk at an Inauguration party, Saturday night.

It’s not so much what he said, but it’s how he said it — or rapped it from his song “Words I Never Said”, rather.

“Limbaugh is a racist / Glen Beck is a racist / Gaza Strip was getting bombed / Obama didn’t say s**t / That’s why I ain’t vote for him/next one, either / I’m part of the problem / my problem is I’m peaceful”

Apparently he rapped it over and over, and was then kicked out of the party for it’s weirdness. I mean, who wants to hear 30 minutes of that when people are trying to have a good time? Take a look at the video.

I will never be one to say that people shouldn’t say what they feel. Free speech is our right. However, there is such a thing as tact. Why would you pick an inauguration party for out President-Elect, Mr. Barack Obama, to give this opinion? I’m sure “The Show Goes On” would have been a much better choice, and then he could have saved “Words I Never Said” for something else.

Why is that people feel the need to s*it on someone who is supposed to be celebrated? Of course we famously saw it when Kanye West mic-jacked Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Are these stars THAT starved for attention that they need to steal someone else’s? That’s like going to my birthday party, and you try to roast me. I knew I shouldn’t have invited you!

Or people who try and trivialize the Sandy Hook massacre by saying it was a conspiracy when actual children died. Now is not the time!

And didn’t Kanye say, “You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class”? Maybe that’s why he dropped out.

If you don’t anything nice to say… Just wait until after Inauguration Day.


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