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Oh heavens to Murgatroyd! Can you even fathom Superbowl Sunday without the chicken wings? Will there be a mass uprising if chicken wings become extinct on one of the most celebratory days of the year? Here, NewsOne gets to the bottom of the chicken-wing rumor that there won’t be enough chicken wings on Superbowl Sunday and even spoke with Bill Roenigk, chief economist and market analyst for the Washington, D.C.-based chicken group the National Chicken Council, to find out the truth.

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With Superbowl Sunday on the horizon February 3rd, word has been spreading that American demand for chicken wings has outpaced supply. Almost immediately, Superbowl chicken lovers began running with their heads cut off at what could be coined the “chicken wing crisis.”

But according to Roenigk, the supposed chicken wing shortage is a bunch of crock, “There is no shortage! However, there is a tightness in market that has caused the wholesale price of chicken wings to be record high, $2.10 per pound or higher.  We will not run-out-of-wings, but buy your wings early to be sure of an adequate amount to enjoy,” he cautions.

According to Roenigk, the price of chicken wings has climbed due to the demand for them, which he says “is at an all-time high, and half will be ordered from wing chain restaurants and at supermarket meat departments.”

Typically, though, wing prices always go up in the fourth quarter of the year as restaurants stock up for the Super Bowl and prices usually peak in January during the run-up to the big game.  Americans are expected to consume an astounding 1.25 billion chicken wings that equals to about 100 million-plus pounds during Super Bowl weekend.

Picture this, if all of this wing consumption were laid end-to-end, it would circle the circumference of the earth more than twice – a distance that would reach approximately a quarter of the way to the moon.

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Roenigk points out that chicken wings will be consumed by three times the number of Americans on Super Bowl Sunday than on a typical Sunday throughout the year, “Wings are a fun, still-affordable finger food that are especially enjoyed when family and friends gather for social events, particularly sporting events.  Whether the wings are mildly-spiced, medium-spiced, or super-hot, restaurants and grocery stores have made wings a bigger part of menus throughout the year.”

So don’t fret, y’all, will have enough wings to dip in to that buffalo sauce or blue cheese dressing for that ever-lovin,’ finger-lickin,’ soul-satisfying experience on game day!

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