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Singer-songwriter Miguel is being hailed as this generation’s answer to Prince. Miguel does pen songs dealing with the social and economic struggles we face, but he is known for the mood he gets women in after listening to one of his sexy bedroom bangers. Although Miguel is still growing and evolving as an artist, it couldn’t hurt to put a spotlight on the songs of his that have gotten us in the mood to go half on some babies. Vibe with us as we highlight ten of Miguel’s sexiest songs.

1. Vixen

Lifted off his debut album, Miguel decides he is going to spice up his bedroom activities with a little role play with his woman. The sultry number suggests Miguel’s significant other play cops and robbers with him. She can be the cop and he the robber. You know what that means? Miguel is strong enough in his manhood to allow himself to submit top his woman’s desires. handing control over to your own personal vixen could be the very key to add some sexual seasoning to a bland bedroom confection.

2. Quickie

Being romantic and making love slow and passionate is great. But sometimes, you don’t have time to set the mood and foreplay. You need to get right down to business. “Quickie” is the jam for you. The song has an awkwardly sexy vibe–exactly the way a speedy session of knocking boots can be. If you say quickies aren’t awkwardly sexy, you haven’t been adventurous enough to…nevermind. I’m grown. If you’ve never had a quickie, all you need to do is put the song on and follow the directions. no bite marks, no scratches, and no hickies. If you can get with that, send a freaky afternoon text to the object of your lust.


3. Teach Me

Andre 3000 said, “Sex is always better when there are feelings involved.” Miguel took that concept and ran with it on the Prince-esque “Teach Me.” Singing seductively over climaxing guitars and hard-knocking drums, Miguel damn near begs his woman to show him the way to please her in the best way possible. Judging from this song, Miguel is the type of guy to get pleasure from pleasing his lady. Ladies, those are the best guys to get with because those guys are the James Brown of love-making–the hardest working man in that kind of show business.

4. Do You

At first listen, this sounds like some sort of freaky peer pressure song about popping a molly. However, “Do You” is a cliché metaphor comparing intimate physical conversations to partaking in your drug of choice. While the metaphor is cliché, the song isn’t less arousing. you remember how hard you hit the bong your freshman year of college? Imagine going that hard during sex. I knew you’d understand…pot heads.


5. Arch N Point

Being romantic and spontaneous is part of keeping the love alive. But has there ever been a time you were trying to be romantic and take your partner out for a nice dinner and never made it to the restaurant because you were just ready to knock it out of the park? Miguel understands the feeling and created “Arch N Point” in response. On the track, Miguel is so open for his girl because of what she has on that he just has to take those clothes off her and make her arch that back and point those toes as she moans in ecstasy.

6. Adorn

When you open a song with, “These lips can’t wait to taste your skin.” you know it’s about to go down. Miguel the intertwines the sanctity of commitment with the amount of fervor in the copulation. Most women say feeling secure with their man is the biggest aphrodisiac and pledging to defend your lady’s honor whenever the situation calls for it is an automatic panty dropper. Plus, romance added to the freakiness is bound to be an unforgettable night.


7. P Is Mine

A lot of women say they get turned off if the guy asks whose is it in the middle of sex. I guess it’s all in the delivery because there has never been a complaint when Miguel’s “P Is Mine” comes on. Instead of asking if it is his, he goads the woman into telling him it’s his before he has to ask. Can’t hate on that.

8. How Many Drinks

Miguel has the talent to toe the line of creepy and alluring. “How Many Drinks” is proof of that. While he is really asking how drunk does he have to get you before he can take you home and do some dirty things to your body, women tend to let that go when they hear him singing the lyrics instead of speaking them. It’s kind of like being turned on when your beau speaks in a foreign language. They could be saying you a crazy crackhead, but you wouldn’t know because it sounds so exotic and enticing.


9. Use Me

Sometimes, willingly giving up control can result in the best sex you’ve ever had. If she is the right one, rest assured a dude will let her have her way with him. Miguel is hitting notes while telling his woman to defile him. Any further questions?

10. Sure Thing

Truly meaning it when you let your lover know you will be in their lives until the end of time in the most loving way possible is one way to make her naughty bits moist. And what more than that do you need to get you in the mood? Nothing.


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