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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield is claiming she’s being stalked by some of Atlanta’s favorite bloggers. Sheree was recently granted 3 temporary restraining orders in one week.

TMZ has confirmed that the former housewife claims that Quentin Latham, Tamara Brawner and Michelle Brown are harrassing her.

Specifically, the ‘Real Housewife’ says Tamara (restraining order #1) has been spying on her and trespassing on her property since 2011 to write a blog — “Chateau Sheree” — about the construction of Sheree’s mansion.

Sheree claims Tamara “gained access” inside the home on Feb. 18, took pics and video, and posted them online. She adds, “I’m afraid for my life.”

Check out the pictures below from from the actual blogger she filed against, Tamara Brawner.

She claims all three bloggers sneak on to her property to take pictures to blog about online. Each ATL blogger has been told to back away, literally. Tamara was ordered to stay at least 500 yards away from Sheree. Quentin and Michelle were ordered to stay 200 yards away.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these bloggers take their job too seriously? or is Sheree Whitfield a “Legend in her own mind”?

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