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Yesterday on CBS This Morning, Shaquille O’neal was asked about his thoughts on Dennis Rodman’s recent trip to North Korea to visit with his new pal Kim Jong Un.  Shaq didn’t hold back very much, telling Nora O’donnell and Charlie Rose,

“It was a very, very risky move what he did,” O’Neal said. He then threw in “I’m not a diplomat, but if there are any diplomats watching and you want to make me a diplomat, just give me a call.”

Watch the interview in it’s entirety below:

Undoubtedly, there will be people trying to say that Shaq was “hating” on Dennis in some form or another, but sometimes when someone is asked for their thoughts on a situation, it just feels right to them to speak their idea of the truth. If we’re keeping it honest, he really only said what most people are thinking.


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