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CLOSE is reporting on the phenomenal interview that  50 Cent gave to Hardknock TV regarding the music industry and fame. He speaks good old fashioned common sense about what it’s like to be in the industry and how hard it is to hang on to the top spot once you get it. He also expands on what it means to an artist who has sold 13 million records, to know they will never be able to do it again, as a result of the current music industry climate.

He also gives a great discussion about song writers and spitters and basically explains that they are the best artists because they are battlers. It’s deep, and very nice to hear actually. How refreshing it is to listen to someone on his level, speak on what the music is supposed to be. He breaks it down so the audience can truly understand where he’s coming from. It’s not a bunch of gimmicky speak which is appreciated.

However, the thing that everyone is honing in on, is what he had to say about Rick Ross. It’s unfortunate because there is so much more to the interview than just that. But we will post the interview in hopes that you will watch the whole clip and get the message in it’s totality.

Good for 50 for being one of the few kickin facts to the people. It sure would be nice if more people would follow suit! Till then, we’ll stick with this!


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