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The fallout behind Lil Wayne’s controversial lyrics where he referenced the torture and death of Emmett Till continues. After Mountain Dew dropped Weezy as their celebrity spokesperson, Lil Wayne’s collaborator Future has come out in defense of the rapper.

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ATL’s own Future gave his opinion about the Lil Wayne lyric, which appears on his song “Karate Chop (Remix),” on Big Boy In The Neighborhood radio show. Read his comments below:

“We did the song with great intentions. I never thought it was going to get so much attention. But I think, overall, with the whole situation, he did bring light, in a positive way, to what happened. Even though they might thought it was negative, he brought positive energy to the situation because a lot of people don’t know, my dad didn’t even know who Emmett was. He’s thinking I’m talking about Emmitt Smith. … He raised awareness to people who didn’t even know who Emmett Till is to young kids who didn’t even know what happened to him. … After Lil Wayne brought light to it, they had to go and do their research.”

Listen to the interview:


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