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Will Smith is usually thought of as box office gold, but especially when it pertains to  summer big budgeted, blockbuster movies. He was served up a heaping helping of humble pie when his new movie, “After Earth,”  with his son Jaden, failed to take the number one spot over the weekend.

Normally, coming in number three wouldn’t be so frowned upon, but with Will Smith, expectations are always high, and he is expected to be able to draw fans to the theaters. However, early reviews were not kind and with Fast And The Furious 6 already out, fans decided to go for the mindless action over the deep sci-fi story line.

According to Entertainment Weekly, After Earth‘s opening weekend was Smith’s lowest summer debut since his first wide release, Made In America, which brought in $11.8 million in 1993.  After Earth, grossed $27 million.

M. Night Shyamalan’s attachment to the movie might not have been helpful. The director has presided over a series of films that became box office kryptonite, so many viewers may have simply assumed it was going to be more of the same.

But for whatever the reason, people didn’t seem to find After Earth a must see over the opening weekend, there is nothing saying they won’t in the coming weeks. The movie may just have to rely less on the Smith’s star power and more on the movie itself. Guess we’ll see soon enough!

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