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It seems that Mr. Barry Prismall over at The Examiner feels that he has “Rap” music all figured out and that all of “Rap” music is the exact same thing across the board.

In his editorial about rap music, he longs for the olden days of Rock-N-Roll (ie The Beatles and Stevie Nicks etc.) back when music made sense to him.

Since the very beginnings of Hip Hop, people have been waiting for it to go away. They deemed it a fad, something temporary that the masses would eventually get bored of and abandon. It’s been over 40 years, and it’s still here, more mainstreamed, and prevalent than ever. In fact, it changed the way Rock music was not only created, but listened to. However, we seldom hear it’s critics discuss that.

We found many problems with Barry Prismall’s arguments and our main issue is that  he has no clue what he’s talking about. But instead of just stating that he he doesn’t have an arthritic leg to stand on, we figured we should probably show him why he has zero idea what he is talking about when it comes to “rap” and Hip-Hop.

Reason #5   Not All “Rap” Music Is The Same

It’s very easy to cast every rhymer into the same category if you don’t know anything about the multiple genres that live within the music. Not every rapper is as he says,

“Canned crap from rap flunkies who can’t sing as they mutter away to a thumping beat – chattering a useless, deviant monologue of prose with an obligatory video of lecherous beauties fastened to the performer, and partying like there’s no tomorrow.”

In fact it’s culturally insensitive to even suggest such ridiculous nonsense. Just like not every rock group is yelling and screaming and openly biting off bat heads as they Satan worship live on stage, not all rappers are speaking gibberish lyrics about nothing what so ever, nor are they trying to be.

The reality is, he hasn’t bothered to investigate the validity of his statements.

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