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Apparently, it’s rough out here for older men trying to get some. One man couldn’t find any woman to have sex with so he pulled his manhood out and proceeded to initiate intercourse with a door. Yes, you read that correctly. He was trying to have sex with a door!

57-year-old Anthony Bruce Berry was caught by police after he performed an “Indecent act” on the door of a business in Hypoluxo, Florida. An employee saw the whole incident and even got video to use as proof when she called the police. the unidentified employee of the business told law enforcement that she saw Berry walk to the back of the establishment around 2 in the afternoon. Soon after going to the back of the building, Berry reappeared at the front entrance where he tried to open the door. The door was locked so instead of leaving, he pulled out his privates and began committed the disturbing act.

Once Anthony Berry finished himself off, he pulled his clothes back together and walked away. He took a seat on a nearby bench and that’s where police found him once the employee called the cops. The police asked Berry if he had committed the sex act with the door and Berry replied, “Yes, I have a mental problem!” with a smile.

Anthony Bruce Berry has been in trouble with the law since 1979. He’s been arrested about 32 times, which includes two previous indecent exposure charges. He’s also been cuffed for cocaine possession, robbery, sexual assault, trespassing, and many other things.

If he really is mentally unstable, somebody get this dude some real help. We don’t anymore doors or doorknobs violated.



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