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The world has some very sick individuals in it. A male teacher was arrested for repeatedly having sex with a 13-year-old student in the bed he shared with his wife. In a sick twist of events, the teacher’s wife is a lawyer and she defended him in court against the charges.

Daniel Reilly is a teacher in Queens, New York. He is said to have pursued the adolescent girl until she agreed to have sex with 36-year-old Reilly. He even went as far as to use code names to keep the disgusting affair under wraps. The affair began in August and lasted for seven months. Reilly, who was employed at IS 237, plead guilty to felony second-degree rape. That crime can bring a person up to seven years behind bars. However, Reilly will only be in prison for a few months due to his plea deal.

The plea deal, which was put in place to spare the young girl the agony of a trial, got Daniel Reilly four months in prison and ten years probation. Reilly’s teaching license has been revoked and he must also complete 104 sex-offender classes. It seems as though Daniel Reilly is getting off easy because he and his lawyers are showing remorse for the heinous action. One of Reilly’s attorneys said, “Like other politicians and public figures, he strayed and only thought with the lower half of his body. It was a mistake.”

The judge presiding over the case granted the request that Reilly be placed in protective custody in prison. you know how other convicts feel about felons who are in prison for child sex abuse. Although Reilly cheated on his wife with a 13-year-old, she is standing by his side and plans on moving to a new home in Nassau County,New York when Daniel Reilly is freed.



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