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A woman in Kalamazoo, Michigan just landed herself a sizable sum of money for buying a potentially poisoned house.

Brandi Crawford bought a home in 2012 for $3,200. The two-story, 1,800 square foot property was originally built 110 years ago and was available at such a low price because it had recently gone into tax foreclosure. Crawford soon realized her bargain of a home was too good to be true and filed a complaint against the city.

In Brandi Crawford’s complaint, she alleges the city of Kalamazoo failed to give her an Environmental Protection Agency-approved notice warning her that the house she just bought could possibly contain lead-based paint. Crawford said she discovered the lead paint issue when she took her child to the doctors and their lead levels were extremely high.

When she filed her claim, Crawford said the city knew the house she was buying contained lead-based paint. By federal law, the city was responsible for notifying Crawford. The city of Kalamazoo does accept the blame for not informing Brandi Crawford about the lead paint, but they maintain they had no idea the house contained it. Because of their negligence, Crawford was awarded $115,000. Not a bad profit on a house that was bought for less than a used Honda.



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