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Dear Rihanna fans, if you are ever able to hit up a RiRi concert do yourself a favor and keep your hands firmly planted to your sides. If you refuse to take our advise then you will be putting yourself at risk of catching a mollywop with a mic just like this other fan who thought they should grab Rihanna during a recent show !

Check it out below!

In a word…OUCH!

Sorry but that’s what folks get!  You know she’s not even trying to be playing around when it comes to anyone disrespecting her in any form or fashion. So that said, why would you think grabbing a hold of her during her concert was a good idea?

We can see by how casually she did it that she wasn’t pressed about knocking the stuffing out of her super fan!

So let’s  just be clear, if you don’t want to have the imprint of a microphone dead-center in the middle of your forehead…then we suggest you  leave that girl alone when she passes by you!


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