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In an emotional return to TV, Paula Deen broke down on the “Today Show” in a much anticipated interview with Matt Lauer. But we wonder if all the emotions are tied to genuinely realizing the harm in her wrong doings and malicious behavior or if she is crying because she is now watching dollar after dollar jump and run away from her bank account. She has lost millions in the fallout of her current scandal and as of today,Walmart and Ceaser’s Casino can be added to the long list of sponsorship brands that are dropping her like a like a bad habit for her behavior.

You be the judge. Take a look at the video below and form your own opinion on whether or not she is truly sorry for her actions.

Some said they had a hard time with her performance today because she did all that crying without a single visible tear drop. Others say she thought she could get away with it because she already has been for a very long time. While still others like actress Stacey Dash defended her and say she has done nothing wrong at all.  You saw the video, what do you think? Take the poll and have your say! Is Paula Deen full of butter and hatred or just butter?


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