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As the saying goes, those who can’t do; teach. While that is a harsh blanket statement, in this case it is very applicable.  A Tae Kwon Do instructor was putting on a demonstration with his students and failed miserably.

During the demonstration, which is a ploy to lure in more students, the Tae Kwon Do instructor tries to break a wooden board by using his fists of fury. Too bad it took him several tries and still he didn’t split the board in two. Once he realizes there isn’t enough fury in his fists for a successful break, he begins to kick the wooden plank. Still, he needed several tries. When he finally breaks the plank, a piece goes flying in to the face of one of his students and the little girl begins to sob.

The little girl was fine, but the instructor continued to struggle through the demonstration. He got a guy to hold another plank for him to kick through, yet it still took him 17 tries. Okay, i’m exaggerating, but damn this guy really struggled to break some boards. Instead of kicking the boards, the instructor kept kicking the hands of the guy holding the boards. The guy holding the boards kept screaming, Ouch!”

Check out the funny clip below.



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