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In a story straight out of a Bevis And Butthead cartoon, an officer allegedly tried to get  a drunk female he busted during a traffic stop, to do some unthinkable things.

According to the Sun Sentinel, prosecutors are charging a cop with a felony for getting a female drunken driver to punch him in the genitals, according to the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

Because he liked it, prosecutors said, the officer is being charged with unlawful compensation, defined as the obtaining of an illegal benefit for performing or declining to perform a public duty. In this case, arresting the driver.

A second officer in the case is being accused of having sex with the passenger of the same car, all the while threatening to arrest her as well.

Check out the horrific details in the story below!


What in the world is going on with law enforcement in Florida these days?! This is crazy. But to be honest, we’re sure there are plenty people…drunk and otherwise who would love to hit cops like that in the crotch. Just sayin.




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