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Things got rather contentious down here at Mixshow Live last night! 50 cent was hosting a listening suite that showcased his artist Kid Kid when he notice that Meek Mill was in the crowd. 50 then called Meek Mill to the stage to join him. The DJ’s went banoondles for both rappers but there was just one little problem. Meek brought a friend of his on stage…that friend was Trav! For those unfamiliar with the situation…Trav (Not to be confused with Travii of the Bodega Brovas) has been known to have little squabbles back and forth with 50. Ummm…cue an upset 50 Cent right about…NOW!

That did not go over well once 50 realized who had taken the stage with him. Some foolery ensued and Core DJ Guru Tony Neal stepped in and got control of his stage back! Take a look at the footage below!

Meek apparently had no idea of the problems between 50 and Trav…but Trav knew! So I don’t know why he got on stage with 50 in the first place! A clearly saddened Meek was not looking to be disrespectful in any way.


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