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It’s not what you think, but yes, Robin Thicke is suing the estate of Marvin Gaye over his hit song “Blurred Lines.”

Thicke, along with Pharrell Williams and T.I. ,filed the lawsuit against Marvin Gaye’s estate to protect the song from members of Gaye’s estate who may try to sue them. There have been threats of a lawsuit against Robin Thicke and company due to the fact “Blurred Lines” is believed to sound an awful lot like Gaye’s classic “Got To Give It Up.”

According to legal documents, Robin Thicke explained, “Plaintiffs, who have the utmost respect for and admiration of Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic and their musical legacies, reluctantly file this action in the face of multiple adverse claims from alleged successors in interest to those artists. Defendants continue to insist that plaintiffs’ massively successful composition, ‘Blurred Lines,’ copies ‘their’ compositions.”

The lawsuit goes on to say that the Gaye family alleges “Blurred Lines” has the same feel or sound of “Got To Give It Up.” Also the Gaye’s are claiming ownership of the entire funk genre rather than just one body of work. Gaye’s publishing company Funkadelic says “Blurred Lines” sounds more like a song called “Sexy Ways.” While many have acknowledged “Blurred Lines” reminds us all of “Got To Give It Up,” Thicke says that “being reminiscent of a ‘sound’ is not copyright infringement. The intent in producing ‘Blurred Lines’ was to evoke an era.”

Since The Gayes and Funkadelic are threatening legal action, Thicke, Williams and T.I. filed this suit as a preemptive strike to determine all involved parties’ rights and obligations. Thicke is asking the court to make a declaration saying “Blurred Lines” doesn’t violate any of Marvin Gaye’s or Funkadelic’s rights and that the Gayes and Funkadelic have no right to any money from the song.



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