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New York rapper Papoose must not have heard that you never bite the hand that feeds you. He recently released his response to Kendrick Lamar‘s verse on Big Sean‘s record “Control” where he called the California MC a joke.

Despite Pap showing Kendrick a little bit of love in the beginning for letting him perform during Summer Jam, all bets are off after that. Papoose says, “Ayo, Kendrick, good looking on that Summer Jam move,” Papoose says on the song. “But you ain’t the king of sh*t.” Papoose goes on to spit, “Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off of the PCP,” Papoose says. “Far from the king, this is the city of BDP / You’ll never be a real West Coast artist like Eazy-E / You a f**king joke. We laughing at you like he-he-he / Ya’ll probably stick dildos in each other like Stevie G / I mean Stevie J, on that sex tape with E-V-E /  Little Sean, Big Sean, let me see I.D. / Before you rap why you always say B.I.G.? / You ain’t Biggie. You can D.I.E.”

Kendrick Lamar isn’t the only rapper to feel the “wrath” of Papaoose. He also takes shots at Kanye West and Drake. “Kendrick, Kanye and Drake? They act feminine,” pap rhymes. “Wear a lot of clothes you usually see women in / So the mainstream America finds it interesting / Push them to forefront, they position them…You contribute to the feminization of the Black man.”

This just sounds like Papoose is pissed because kendrick lamar didn’t name him in the verse. So this is what we’re going to have to deal with for a while now? What did you think of Papoose’s verse?



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