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Uh Oh! According to TMZ, 50 was in arbitration earlier this year with Sleek Audio a company that 50 claimed Sleek owed him over $261,000. Sleek felt otherwise so the case went to arbitration which is a binding process in which an arbitrator picks the winner. The arbitrator sided with Sleek (the final $$$ judgement was kept under wraps).

But 50 refuses to let the fight go. In fact, he’s going to federal court and  claiming the arbitration judge discriminated against him because he’s black, associates with controversial African-American figures and because he’s a high profile rap artist! 50 says the bias ran so deep the judge didn’t allow him to cross-examine witnesses and refused to look at evidence pertaining to the case. 50 wants a do over plain and simple and feels that he can prove the judge had it in for him from jump.

Sleek Audio feels 50′s allegations of racism are a desperate attempt to avoid the arbitration decision and get it brought before an actual court.

We don’t know what’s in the judge’s heart, but we do know if 50 is telling the truth and they didn’t let him present any information then maybe someone else really ought to take a look at it. If it’s just crying over spilled milk then people will figure that out later either way.


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