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CLOSE is reporting that they are hearing that “The Wire” may very well be returning via Netflix. This would feed into a serious demand by show fanatics if the rumor were to be true. Netflix has been on it big time regarding bringing beloved programing back from the dead.

While the story is still being reported as a rumor it might in fact be a ploy on behalf of those powers that be to see if there is a true want on the side of the public for the show. Who knows, maybe the creators were the ones who floated the rumor just to see if people got excited at the prospects of the show coming back.

“The Wire” went down in a blaze of glory and many of it’s characters were snuffed out with it! We’re not sure if they would do some “Dallas” flashback it was all a dream type scenario or if it would be a whole new cast of characters for us to become endeared to. But if anyone could pull off a triumphant return it would be them.

So, we’ll just hang tight on this one and hope for a miracle because it would be absolutely wonderful if this one were to be true!

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